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How to Decorate a Hunting Room

    • 1). Paint the walls with a pale beige color. The pale color will not distract the eye from the taxidermy and photos on the wall. Install a wood floor to begin a traditional wood theme in the room.

    • 2). Spread mounts around the top of the walls near the ceiling and put a framed picture from the hunt below each mount. Also include a small plaque with the Boon and Crockett score and the date.

    • 3). Place leather furniture in the room with a rough finish. Also use light fixtures and tables built from antlers and wood to match the rugged theme of the room. Arrange animal skin rugs on the walls and on the floors to accent the mounts and antlers. Also include framed photos next to rugs with a trophy story.

    • 4). Create a workstation using a wood workbench. Use the station to stack ammo, use a reloader and work on your bow with a bow press. Although the workstation is a functional piece, it also adds decorative value to the room if the tools and ammo are organized.

    • 5). Add a wood-framed gun case with a glass cover to the room to display your weapons in style. Also use open wall space to mount antique rifles and shotguns. Screw hooks into the wall to hang your archery equipment. Add wildlife art to the walls if there is excess space that must be filled.

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