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Skin Aging 101 - Essential Eye Skin Care Tips

Some people think that skin aging only happens when you reach your forties. Sadly, a lot of people are misinformed on how, when and why the skin ages, so they end up having skin aging problems even before they reach their thirties. But the good thing is, it is never too early to protect your skin from the visible signs of skin aging. For those of you who don't know much about skin aging, it is usually the skin around your eyes where the first signs of aging appear. Wrinkles, fine lines and discolorations can instantly make you look ten years older than you actually are, so it's really important to pay extra attention to your eye area. Clueless on how to do so? Well then let me share some simple ways that you can do to prevent premature aging on your eye area. Here are some of them.

1. Wear sunglasses when you're going out on a sunny day. The sun's glare can make you squint a lot which can encourage the development of lines around your eyes. Apart from the sun's glare, poor vision can also make you squint a lot so make sure that you wear prescription glasses or contacts.

2. Get a good eye cream and use it religiously. Unknown to many, not all eye creams are made equally. What may work for your friend might not necessarily work for you. Choosing a good eye cream is a trial and error process, so once you've found the perfect cream for you, stick to it forever. 

3. Never ever rub your eyes. Rubbing the delicate skin around your eyes can cause them to wrinkle and discolor. Apart from that you can also spread nasty germs and bacteria to your eye if you rub it with your bare hands. 

4. Pat, don't rub. When applying eye skin care products such as eye creams or eye makeup, make sure to apply it in a patting motion and not in a rubbing motion. Try to avoid pulling and tugging your eye skin when applying eye liner as well.

5. Sleep well. Getting adequate sleep every day is the best thing that you can do for your body and most especially to your skin. Sleep heals. It rejuvenates and repairs our system so don't deprive yourself of this luxury. 

6. Avoid unhealthy vices such as smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking can dry out your skin at a much faster rate. This makes your skin more prone to premature skin aging so try to keep your lifestyle as healthy as possible.

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