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How to Find the Sine in a Right Triangle

    • 1). Choose the angle you want to find the sine of in a right triangle. For example, in triangle ABC, say you want to find sine (A).

    • 2). Measure the length of a, the side opposite to the angle, with a ruler. Suppose it is 6 cm.

    • 3). Measure the length of c, the hypotenuse. Suppose it is equal to 9 cm.

    • 4). Divide the opposite by the hypotenuse (a/c). You have found the sine of the angle A. In the example, 6 divided by 9 is equal to 0.66. Notice that as the opposite nears 0, the sine of the angle tends to reach 0. Similarly, when the opposite and hypotenuse near identical lengths, the sine of the angle tends to reach 1.

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