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Homemade Commode

    • 1). Nail four pieces of wood together, each 1 inch by 10 inches by 18 inches. This will create a box. Nail a piece of plywood, 1 inch by 18 inches by 18 inches, to the top of the box.

    • 2). Cut a twelve inch hole in the top of the plywood using a hand held jigsaw.

    • 3). Turn the box upside down. Place one piece of wood, measuring 1 inch by 3 inches by 12 inches, vertically into each of corners, nailing them into place. These will be the legs of the box. Turn the box back over.

    • 4). Turn a wooden toilet seat cover over, and use pliers to twist the seat bumpers sideways. Drill holes in the box where the toilet seat will be. Attach the toilet seat to the box with screws, positioning it over the opening.

    • 5). Fill a five gallon bucket with sawdust. Place the box on top of the five gallon bucket, and use the commode. After using the homemade commode, cover your waste with more sawdust. The commode will be odor-free and fully compostable.

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