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The Akashic Records

There are many options open to you when it comes to seeking messages from the spirit world.
There are many methods too, which can help to access these realms, the Akashic Records are one such method.
What are the Akashic Records? As we live our lives and pass through time, we leave behind an imprint of every thought, action, emotion and experience we have.
It happens to all of us, for things we do; think of it as a large storage facility of all human activity, but it is a positive place, shrouded in love.
The beauty of the Akashic Records is that they are available to us everywhere, all of the time, and we dip in and out of them without realising.
We do this when we have intuitive feelings that guide us in our decisions in daily life, without us trying or even realising this is happening.
What happens during an Akashic Records reading? Everyone can access the Akashic Records but using the services of an experienced person like a psychic, means that they can extract valuable information from your own personal records.
The records are vast as they contain all imprints from all aspects of life, but accessing your own imprint will lead to valuable insights.
Any question that you can think of regarding your life can be answered by studying your own personal Akashic Records.
Are there differences between Akashic Records and psychic readings? Both can give you valuable insight and information, therefore a comparison of which one is better is a futile exercise; they will supply you with different information and evidence.
Many people use a combination of different methods, rather than just sticking to one.
Psychic readings take their energy from the reader's third eye with the energy around the person being changeable over short spaces of time.
Akashic Records connect the heart 'chakra' (or source) with the mind chakra; this enables the reading of information from underneath the issues or patterns of behaviour that we indulge in.
If you want to why you always react or respond to a recurring issue in the same way, accessing you records will give you the answer.
Psychic readings also depend on the interpretation of tarot cards or runes, or maybe other pieces of equipment and are the process whereby a psychic may not be able to give clear, defined messages but rather interpretations.
Akashic Records on the other hand, are given solely on the basis of the questions that you ask - so have a set of questions ready! Psychic readings deal with surface issues, and the information the reader receives in return is based on the changeable energy talked about previously.
This may not always give a straightforward answer as the reader may need to interpret the messages they are being given from the spirit world.
There is so much other information floating round that it can be difficult for the psychic to decipher it correctly.
Akashic Records readings, on the other hands, offer specific answers to questions.
Both Akashic Records and psychic readings can offer the seeker a great many benefits, especially when combined.

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