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Big rooms, comfortable living, markets nearby, personal private gardens, if that's what you're looking for, then Orlando Florida is the place to be.
There are many different Orlando apartments and the local people make it a special and entertaining place to live in.
Its one of the best and attractive cities in the US, very appealing to newcomers (especially those from the colder norht).
 There are great Orlando restaurants that provide quality living with a city always on the move.
It is just not a good place for local residents, but great as a destination, its one of the world's premier traveling locations.
You can find a furnished apartment in Orlando and stay for weeks - what better place to be in November through March? This Florida city attracts more than 35 million tourists per year, the reason being the quality of living and also other attractive destinations like theme parks, Disney world and several local attractions, there are more than 95 theme parks.
If you are cultural person, then this is the perfect place to live in, as you can learn and explore new and deeper avenues to your training field, there are rented apartments for students and the people are really friendly here helping outsiders making their way in the city for the first time.
   The attractive destinations here are Leu gardens, basketball, various art galleries, numerous gardens, philharmonic concerts and lots more.
For the people who are looking to settle down here, it's a great place to live in with bigger apartments, fantastic bedrooms and spacious living rooms, get great offers to grab and buy homes for affordable cheap rates (with the housing market down so much, it's a great time).
There are great diversity of industries here to work for and big employment opportunities, major areas of employment includes real estate, insurance, retail trade, wholesale trading units, public utilities facility, finance trading, and many more.
What are you waiting for? Take time out of your life to visit and maybe even stay in Orlando!

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