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How to Get Your Ex Back by Showing Them What They Are Missing! 5 Tips to Change Their Mind!

You want your ex to literally drop his/her jaw next time they even hear about you, or so much as see you in real life.
To do this, follow these 5 tips so that you can change your ex's mind about you: Tip #1: Keep things low key - Don't reveal anything to your ex for a period of time, and once you do this, they will feel ignored and rejected.
This in turn will make your ex nosier than you have ever seen them, and your ex will literally stalk you to try and get answers or find out what you are up to.
Tip #2: Suggest to your ex that they need help- Once your ex is speaking with you, or when they call you, suggest to them that they are crazy and are in need of psychiatric help.
Your ex will obviously deny this and will become extremely emotional right on the spot.
This will tell their subconscious that they are BELOW your standards now, and will cause your ex to try and prove themselves to you and prove that they are not crazy and are absolutely sane.
Tip #3: Suggest you are dating again, but don't outright say it - Tell your ex you are going out and doing things now, and make these things sound like something your ex would love to have done when you were together.
This will make your ex curious, but furthermore will make them wonder if you are dating again, especially if you suggest that you have to go now, because you are meeting someone, right before you cut off contact with your ex for a while.
Tip #4: Tell your ex to date again, and even suggest people they can date - Play around with your ex a little, by suggesting new people they can date, and anytime you see your ex show them some pictures of ugly and ratty looking people.
Tell your ex that this is the kind of person they are attracted to anyways, and this will annoy your ex.
This trick works well to keep your ex from dating again or really forgetting you, because this subconsciously tells them that you are the best choice out there for them physically, and in any other manner.
Tip #5: Give your ex the impression that you are the only one who understands them - Any time your ex confronts you with an issue, explain to them that the only reason they can do this in the first place, is because you are the ONLY one who understands them.
Explain that they have difficulties in their life because no one else does, and this will in turn make your ex always feel an attachment to you, because they will believe it, since they are confronting you during a time when other people do NOT understand them, but you do.

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