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Thousands, even millions of people have been victims of predatory lending. Professional lenders have been known to take advantage of the trust bestowed upon them by their clients. Between 2001 and 2008, almost 85% of loans given out contain federal or state violations, sometimes both. Individuals who have received these loans may have experienced difficulty in paying back loans and may even have had their homes foreclosed. If you fear that you may have been a victim of predatory lending, request your free mortgage review to find out the truth.
The Truth in Lending Act was passed in 1968 and was designed to protect consumers from professional lenders taking advantage of them in credit transactions. It is an unfortunate commonality that many lenders provide consumers with loans that contain federal violations that make them illegal. The only way to uncover these violations is to undergo a forensic audit of mortgage and loan documents.
A free mortgage review is an easy way to help consumers find out if their loans are legitimate. By examining all of the loan documents, an auditor will be able to uncover miscalculations and violations in order to see whether or not the loan meets federal statutes. Refinanced loans that contain violations can be cancelled and any loan that is found to be in violation of federal law is eligible for rescission. Loans that are rescinded allow the consumer to be relieved of the constraints of the loan and to receive back all the interest on payments made and fees incurred.
If you are the holder of a subprime loan or are in danger of home foreclosure,or you just want to check for your peace of mind, request a free mortgage review and have an expert review your loan and mortgage documents. If your loan or mortgage is found to be in federal violation, you will be relieved from the loan and presented with a loan modification offer. Before you know it you will have an even better loan and, best of all, it will be completely safe and legal. Do not wait any longer to find out the truth about your loan - be sure about what's in your mortgage through a forensic audit.
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