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To Lose Weight and Keep it Off, Go Find a Support Group Before You Choose a Diet Plan

Losing weight sounds easy enough, for we all know what we are supposed to do...
just eat a little less and exercise a little more.
The problem is the food we like to eat, the amounts of food we like to eat, and the bad habits we have gotten into.
Bad habits are extremely difficult to break.
Some people would call those bad habits an addiction, but since it is such a nasty word, with negative social stigmas attached, let's just talk about bad habits instead.
If any of us have a weight problem, it has been caused directly by our bad habits.
Bad eating habits include eating too much food, eating the wrong kinds of food, snacking between meals and drinking soda pop of caffeinated beverages when what our body craves and needs most to be healthy is plain, un-adulterated water.
We know it's all true.
It's great in theory...
but actually doing it and making it part of your lifestyle takes a lot of hard work and a support circle of caring people who believe in you and will assist and encourage you in your efforts to lose weight and to keep it off.
Anybody can go on a diet.
We have all done that at one time or another and failed.
In fact, most of us have gone on diets over and over again through the years.
It doesn't matter what diet you go on, what matters is the diet you stay on.
You see most folks believe they can go on a diet, lose five or 10 pounds, feel great at what they have achieved by that time, and so they reward themselves by getting back into the food and the old bad habits.
All the weight you just lost comes back again, and then you find you've added a few more pounds for good measure.
It happens to everybody, and this is what makes a diet and weight loss industry so lucrative for people who would sell you something.
There is always the latest, greatest diet from a celebrity doctor or dietitian to the stars...
and women magazines churn out new articles every month of the year on how to lose weight and keep it off.
But if this stuff actually worked, why would any of these magazines need to write more than one authoritative article on losing weight.
What I advise, straight from my heart, is to ignore all of the the fads and find your self a support group first of all.
It doesn't matter very much whether you go to Weight Watchers, Gloria Marshal, Gut Busters (for men) or Overeaters Anonymous (OA).
They will make you feel welcome and they will help you to lose weight.
The first three are commercial, while OA is a 12 steps organization; that means it is a not-for-profit group run along the lines of AA.

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