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Fine Wines and Sensational Sunsets

Santorini is a typical Greek island with blue domed churches, narrow winding streets, a rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and white cubed houses.
Holidays in Santorini have that little bit extra though; some of the most breathtaking sunsets you may ever see, anywhere in the world.
The best place to view them is in Oia on the edge of the volcanic caldera, looking out over the sparkling Aegean Sea.
The journey up to the caldera can be quite scary with sheer drops down cliff sides, but the stunning views certainly make it worth while.
At the top it can be quite a scramble for the best view point and its best to arrive early if you want to eat or drink here.
The terrace bars and roof top restaurants soon fill up with tourists keen to get the best vantage point and photo opportunities.
There were plenty of locals here too, a sure sign that no matter how many times you see the sun set, you will never get the same image twice.
Fiery reds and burning oranges fill the night sky as everyone falls silent to soak up the most of the breathtaking scene.
Donkeys with warning bells around their necks become a familiar sight as they carry their passengers up and down the steep pathways, however doing the journey by foot will offer the chance to stop and catch the amazing views.
A wander down the steep stone steps will find you either on Ammoudi or Armeni Beach, where you could soak up the sun, swim in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea or take a boat trip over to nearby Thirasia.
For bigger beaches just head north around the coast.
Santorini is also well known for its aromatic white wines.
The dry, volcanic ash in the soil has made the perfect growing conditions for the Assyrtiko grape which in turn produces a dry white wine with a citrus aroma and minerals from the volcanic earth.
Dessert wines are also produced here, are called 'Vinsanto', and can be naturally sweet or fortified; they must be aged to be appreciated to their fullest for at least two years.
The aroma of creme brulee, chocolate and apricots with a soft velvety taste are well worth waiting for.
A visit to a vineyard has to be part of your holidays in Santorini to appreciate these fine wines at their best.
Cheap holidays in Santorini are not easy to come by but opting for self catering or bed and breakfast boards will mean you can choose where you want to eat and help control the budget.
It is also advisable to visit during early or late season when the sunsets are just as fantastic yet the resort is less hectic, you may also find more cheap holidays in Santorini available at this time.

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