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How a Cremation Urn Preserves Cremains

When your loved one dies and has made the final request of cremation, it is up to you to make arrangements for their cremation, as well as select a cremation urn for their cremains after their bodies have been cremated.
There are many creative cremation urns available to a family that is looking to preserve their loved one's ashes for the years to come, but just how do urns help preserve cremains? Store them in one place.
It might seem like an obvious statement, but having a creative cremation vessel to hold your loved one's cremains helps to keep their remains all in one place.
In fact, should your family so desire, you can even purchase several smaller keepsake urns so that the cremains can be divided up between the family and everyone can share their loved family member.
Keep them dry.
While cremains are not technically ashes because the process of making cremains involves more than just fire, moisture is most definitely an enemy of your loved one's remains.
If moisture is allowed to permeate cremains, they can clump or even grow mold.
To prevent this, using an urn with a proper seal is important.
Or, for a more creative cremation option, have their cremains used in a blown glass urn.
The cremains are embedded within the glass and are therefore encased in a thick protective and beautiful layer of glass.
Prevent outside contamination.
Your loved one's cremains are special to you and your family, so it's important that no outside factors taint their remains.
The openings on urns are designed to be difficult to open so that there can be no accidental opening in the process of transportation or display.
There are many practical and creative cremation urn options that will help to keep your family member's cremains free from contamination as well as provide a lovely final resting place for their ashes.
Provide a beautiful memorial.
Above all else, a cremation urn exists as a container for cremains and, while they typically come in a standard box initially, a creative cremation vessel can be the perfect way to display your loved one's cremains with honor and pride for the whole world to see.
Whether you decide on a simple, yet elegant design, or decide to have a custom urn created in honor of your family member, an urn preserves, not only physical remains, it preserves the memory of your loved one's life.

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