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How MTV"s "The Hills" Makes Advertising Money

MTV's reality show, The Hills, is a money making machine.
Recent reports claim Lauren Conrad earns $75,000 per episode and she deserves every penny of it.
The Hills is MTV's top rated television show that follows a core group of friends around while they go on with their lives in Los Angeles, CA.
Although the show is categorized as a reality show, there is plenty of acting by the cast.
This is important because they always seem to highlight new restaurants and clubs in Los Angeles, which isn't a coincidence.
These establishments are paying top dollar to appear on The Hills to create buzz for their establishment.
Even the companies that the cast "work" for get heavy press from appearing on The Hills and you better believe they have invested money to be there.
How many people have actually heard of The Bolthouse if it weren't for The Hills? What about People's Republic? In addition to businesses across Los Angeles, clothing lines are lining up to dress the hot cast.
Imagine how far a new company's public relations efforts could go if one of their pieces appeared on LC, Audrina, Lo, or Whitney during the show! As I mentioned earlier, The Hills is the highest rated show on MTV.
This means they are claiming top advertising dollar for the precious slots on the 30 minute episodes.
This means no free ringtones advertisements on Monday nights on MTV.
With all the money this show is making, I'm surprised they haven't made The Hills a weekly 60 minute show.

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