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What Is A Third-Degree Burn?


    • Signs of a third-degree burn include charred skin that can appear blackened or white. Destruction of the nerves may cause numbness, and swelling may be present.


    • Most third-degree burns are caused by scalding hot liquid, chemicals, contact with flames or electrocution. They can also be caused by contact with an extremely hot object for an extended period of time.

    First Aid

    • Call 911, make sure the person is breathing and perform CPR if needed. Cover the wound with a sterile bandage, elevate the burned area above heart level and monitor the person's vital signs until help arrives.


    • Do not apply any type of ointment, cream or ice to the wound, and do not remove clothing that is stuck. Don't blow on the burn or peel the dead skin. If the airway is burned, do not elevate the head.


    • Treatment includes removing the dead skin and providing intravenous fluids, antibiotic creams, pain medication and skin grafting. Some severe cases may require reconstructive surgery.

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