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How to Get Rid of a Camphor Tree

    • 1). Mow down camphor trees while they remain young. Continue to mow any new seedlings that sprout up.

    • 2). Hand pull young camphor seedlings. Promptly dispose of the young trees.

    • 3). Spray camphor trees that measure less than 10 feet in height with a herbicide that contains triclopyr with a non-ionic surfactant at 0.25 percent to the tree's foliage. Herbicides containing glyphosate will also kill the camphor tree but may require reapplication to successfully destroy the tree.

    • 4). Cut away the tree's bark near its base and create a pocket that reaches into the tree's sapwood. Apply an herbicide that contains at least 50 percent tricnlopyr to the cut bark and sapwood approximately two minutes after injuring the tree.

    • 5). Spray the soil around large camphor trees with the herbicide containing triclopyr. Drench tree's base and all the soil approximately 12 inches from the tree's base.

    • 6). Cut down large camphor trees using a chain saw. Consider burning large trees in areas where burning is legal.

    • 7). Remove any sprouts that spring up on the tree's stump or root system. Discard the sprouts.

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