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Chronic Yeast Infection Symptoms

    Skin Changes

    • Yeast infections in genital areas, mouth or on the nipples of your breasts may cause persistent swelling, redness and intense itching of your skin.


    • Chronic yeast infections in your vagina and genital area can result in prolonged pain, especially from friction caused by sexual intercourse or scrubbing your skin while bathing.

    Sexual Effects

    • Women with chronic vaginal yeast infections may experience an unusual amount of vaginal discharge, an unpleasant vaginal odor, and swelling that makes the use of a tampon or having vaginal sex difficult.

    Digestive effects

    • Babies and adults with chronic oral yeast infections may have painful and difficult swallowing as a result of swelling of the tongue and inflammation of the throat and esophagus.

    Weight Loss

    • Weight loss may result from chronic infections of your digestive system because of a difficulty eating and drinking, and can be a serious health issue for babies and young children.

    Blood Infections

    • If the fungus gets into your blood stream, chronic yeast infections may spread throughout your entire body. Without urgent medical treatment, this can be a life-threatening condition .

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