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Education in poverty strickened area

we live in a beautiful gorge,we are surrounded by poverty...when we think about future, we only have "HOPE".

In the beautiful valley of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarad poverty has badly affected the lives of the people, here mostly people belong to the labour class, who can hardly afford thier living. In order to educate thier offspring, HOPE an educational based NGO is running two Formal and 28 Informal Schools in Muzafarabad and is planning to build up the cottage industry for them. For this purpose on 5th January 2013. HOPE team under the supervision of  Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla, the child specialist in Karachi and the CEO of HOPE visited  HOPE Formal Schoolof Garri dupatta which is from nursery to matric.The  total strength of the School are 90 students with 9 teachers, who are providing quality education to these students. It was good to see these students  are given career counselling, problem conseling  on a regular basis so that thier future  could be secured.This NGO based school is not only providing free and excellent quality of education but also it provides free uniform and  school course to the students, which gives no hinderance to parents to send thier children to this School.   

During this visit, the students showed  great level of discipline and sung welcome songs for the supervisors. The students were asked questions  related to thier course and general knowledge. The  team distributed snacks and schoool bags to all students to share thier love for these students.This effort of sharing love and happiness brought new level of confidence amongst students. The students showed great level of enthusiasm  in sharing thier life stories, thier aims and dreams. This meeting of supervisors and students not just motivated the students but it brought them joy and happiness.                                            

The dream of being a doctor, Pilot and engineers were clearly visible in the eyes of these students and surely HOPE is giving them the way to achieve it. In future, these young minds can  give a tough competition to the world.They may live in mountains  but their minds are fully aware about the world,outside these mountains.These children don't want to follow thier parents in choosing thier career, they know that the opportunities are waiting for them,if only a chance is given to them.We all should join hands with  this NGO HOPE to help these young minds in reaching their goals and keeping their dreams alive.

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