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Marquee HireCelebrate Your Event At The Newland Manor

A Bride/Grooms wedding is one of the most desired and the most special occasion of their ones life. People plan their weddings differently in different ways. One of the most delightful ways to celebrate your wedding ceremony is to have Marquee Weddings at Newland Manor

When hosting Marquee weddings, there are various elements to take into consideration, these may include, the Caterer, the DJ, the florist and the company supplying the marquee structure itself. There are many suppliers to choose from in each category, many of the suppliers will offer a complete service whereby the deliver and setup as a part of their service. One can tailor their reception in a way that is customised in accordance to their theme ideas and requirements.

If you hire a company for to arrange for a marquee type of a wedding then there are certain things you need to take care off. An ideal company would provide the following facilities like hard floor & carpet, linings & chandeliers, table & chairs, power supply, heating or cooling as per the requirement, setup of the furniture including a dancefloor, they will also provide washroom facilities, proper area and facilities for the caterers to use.

At Newland Manor, Marquee Hire is always a preferred option compared to any other ways of celebrating a special occasion. This type of a portable venue not only suits for wedding but for any kind of an event or an occasion. The choice of marquee locations is endless, each offering their own beauty of grounds and location. Depending on the venue, they offer various options/flexibility of the structure that is put up and each can be tailored to the clients taste/style and requirements. There are a number of benefits when using a marquee location, such as the size of the space in question can be altered to accommodate a particular number of guests. The theme can also be easily adapted and arranged within the internal setup. If you wish to create a unique feel and look to your event, then a marquee location is the best way to do it at Newland Manor.

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