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Testosterone and Prostrate Cancer - Understanding Men"s Health

There are many causes of prostrate cancer and testosterone is one of them.
It is also often misunderstood.
When testosterone is metabolized in the body it produces Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
DHT is responsible for muscles and erections.
In other words, DHT is either burned up in the gym or during sex.
Problems arise when all the DHT present in your body is not burned up.
It has been stated that the leftover DHT is the main cause of prostrate problems.
However, one cannot burn up all the DHT present in the body no matter how much you work out or how much sex you have.
Misconceptions Relating testosterone to prostrate cancer in this way has generated a lot of misconceived notions.
There is a group of people who believe that more sex will solve prostrate problems.
The fact is that prostrate cancer is the leading cancer killer of males and all these men cannot have been celibate.
Most of them would have had an active sexual life.
One might thus conclude that prostrate cancer has little to do with sex or testosterone.
Understanding of prostrate cancer is linked with our understanding of how we deal with the excessive DHT in our bodies.
One of the reasons for excessive DHT in our system is the meat and hormone-filled diets that we live on.
You might be aware that the pro-hormone supplementations are not recommended for men with prostrate problems.
Remedies One should learn to manage the DHT in our bodies.
What we eat determines to a great extent the level of DHT in our bodies.
One should cut down on animal fats.
A proper diet would include a lot of fiber, which is available in fruits and vegetables.
Doctors also recommend anti-prostrate foods, like soy products, rice, green and yellow vegetables, oysters, bran, pulses, garlic, pumpkin seeds, etc.
To protect against and deal with prostrate cancer, one should cut down on alcohol and meat and maintain a healthy weight.
Cutting down on the risk of prostrate cancer means eliminating the levels of DHT in the body.
Prepare for a management of DHT and you can lead a cancer-free existence.

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