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Funny Games to Play at a Bridal Shower

    The 20 Question Challenge

    • To play this game, some involvement from the groom is required. You will need to make a list of 20 questions and record the groom's answers without the bride knowing. At the bridal shower, have guests take turns asking the bride each of the questions. For every question the bride gets wrong, she must put a piece of gum in her mouth and chew it. This can be quite funny if she gets quite a few wrong.

    Toilet Paper Dress

    • To play this game, you will need to break up your guests into groups, depending on how many you have. You should aim to have three or four people per group. Give each group several rolls of toilet paper. Each group will have to choose a group member to be the "model". Each group will then adorn the model with a dress made entirely of toilet paper. The bride gets to choose which dress she likes the most. Whomever she chooses is the winner.

    The Always a Bridesmaid Game

    • This game will have your guests laughing until they cry. Before the shower, ask your guests to either bring with them or wear to the shower, an ugly bridesmaid dress from a wedding they have previously attended. A prom dress will work as well. During the shower, the bride and her guests will take turns showing off their hideous dresses and the whole group will have the task of deciding which dress is the ugliest. This game is especially hilarious when the dresses are obviously outdated.

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