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10 Greatest Denzel Washington Movies (in My Opinion)

Glory Oscar winner performance by Washington.
A riveting story about the first black regiment during the Civil War.
Malcolm X So believable, Denzel IS Malcolm X in this film.
A great historical piece of work, Spike Lee directs.
Philadelphia Coupled with Tom Hanks, Philadelphia is a story that needed to be told and was a controversial topic at the time.
Crimson Tide Denzel Washington teams up with the legendary Gene Hackman for an underwater thriller based on a submarine.
He Got Game Spike Lee has a great film about a basketball player (played by Ray Allen) with super natural talent.
The pitfalls and temptations of becoming a professional athlete can be daunting.
The Hurricane This is one of my favorite Denzel movies.
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was a boxer working his way up in the ranks when he was falsely accused of murder.
After 20 years in prison he was finally released.
Training Day My favorite Denzel movie of all time.
He is a superb bad-ass in this one, and that's usually when he's at his best.
The intensity he brings to this movie is thick while Ethan Hawke plays his part on the top of his game.
Inside Man Fun and smart bank robbery movie alongside Clive Owen.
American Gangster Denzel is back to the bass ass role, and shines in it.
He plays Frank Lucas, the drug kingpin who turns informant.
Great mafia movie.
The Book of Eli I really liked this one.
Although the post apocalyptic story has been told before, this film has many different takes and a strong religious overtone which gives it purpose.

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