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Choosing The Perfect Bikes For Women

Lot of things has to be considered when selecting bikes for women. The standard bikes that is needed by a woman that lets them to bend over the bike conveniently without any complication and that they could easily reach the handlebars and cranks without putting any effort to stretch.

According to statistics, women and men have similar length of legs. But still the fact is women do have smaller arms than men, and small palms as well. So to make the proper bikes for a woman, many bike manufacturers came up with different ideas.

There are many parts that that you should be concerned about when choosing a bike for a woman. They are handlebars, saddles, cranks and stems.

When deciding on bikes for women, be certain that the stems are shorter in length or quite upright than average bikes and that the handlebars are narrower. The achieved distance between the handlebars and saddle decreases, when you cut down the length of the stems. This gives more comfort and makes it more appropriate women. Bikes for women also need to have a smaller crank as majority of women have much shorter legs compared to men.

Hands of a woman are petite most of the times, so choose the brakes and shifters that could fit the size of the hands. You can choose a bike with lightweight materials while deciding on buying bikes since women would not like a bike, which is too heavy for them to ride.
The one thing you'll find amazing is the many styles and brands of bikes that are specifically designed for women. Many different bike manufacturers have designed women and men specific bike. Choosing the one you want and that best suits your needs will be difficult with the many choices available. Some of the known brands that are famous for their excellent woman's bikes are Orbea, Scott, Giant, and Specialized and, of course, Trek. Some of the parts of these bikes are more women specific than others. The parts of the bikes that make them more gender geared besides the actual frame are the head angles, seat and the length of the main tubes.

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