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A New Van for Christmas - A Word on Commercial Vehicle Auctions

With the auto industry taking a strong lashing over the past couple of years it would seem like now is the perfect time to replace your fleet in time for the New Year.
Sales are generally down and dealers, both used and new are looking to get rid of vehicles, which means if you've got the capital, now could be a great time to scoop up a bargain.
However if you don't feel like searching the lots of every dealer in your local area in the freezing cold (not to mention the snow), then you might find it useful to look into an online vehicle auction.
Here you will be able to pick up some great deals on trucks, HGVs, LCV, vans and cars.
By going to an auction you not only benefit from the drop in vehicle prices you also benefit from the fact that auctions are generally cheaper than going to the dealer (unless you're getting a classic car).
Plus you get to decide what price you want to pay and therefore you won't have to pay a penny more than you want to.
On the flip-side if you've got an old fleet that you need to offload, an online auction could be a quick and easy way for you to get some capital out of a bunch of vehicles that would just sit outside your facility depreciating in value.
Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure.
Some auction sites don't even charge a commission, instead they charge the buyer.
This means you won't have to reduce your profit and you won't have to go through the hassle of advertising your vehicles, finding a buyer negotiating a price, etc.
Plus you can set a minimum bid to ensure that you are not making a loss.
The automotive industry is changing as the global economic crisis disrupts demand.
In order to take advantage of these changes you have to look towards new ways of buying and selling vehicles to ensure you gain the maximum value.
The internet has already changed so many industries and now it is changing the way people buy and sell their used trucks, vans and cars.

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