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What Jobs Can You Get with an English Language Degree?


    • English majors can teach grade-school English and literature classes. In some cases, you may need a teaching certification, which requires specialized training. If you spend the extra time and money to earn a master's degree or Ph.D., you can work as a university lecturer. When deciding which educational level you want to teach, consider the students. Do you prefer to work with children or an adult crowd? You can also choose to work overseas, teaching English to foreign students.

    Journalism and Online Content Writing

    • Journalism requires you to keep readers informed on the latest news. You can pursue a job at a local newspaper or magazine publisher. The same opportunities are available online; many publications also have websites. If your English skills accompany a knack for technology, pursue a job in online content writing. Where there are words, there is a need for editors, so don't limit your job search to writer positions. Editors must have an eye for detail and an excellent grip on grammar.

    Copy Writing and Technical Writing

    • Businesses need creative writers to aid in public relations and advertising. Companies hire copywriters to persuade audiences to reach for their shelved products and seek out their services. For example, copywriters produce brochures, press releases and catalogs. Aside from copy writing, some companies look for technical writers who can relate technological ideas to a less tech-savvy audience.

    Government Writing

    • Certain government-related tasks, such as grant writing and speech writing, require individuals with a strong grasp of language. If you've mastered persuasive writing, you may be comfortable with these jobs. Before applying for government jobs, support your English degree with a minor in political science or law.

    Artistic Jobs

    • Pursuing a successful career as a novelist is a difficult path; however, if you're an imaginative individual, lend the world a story. Look for opportunities through literary magazines and publishing companies. Creative writers can also work as screenwriters for television and film. When pursuing these careers, have a back-up plan to keep your bank account from drying up. For example, work as an editor by day and develop your screenplay at night.

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