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Ideal Reading for Your Autistic Teen

Autistic teens have compounded issues which means as a parent you need some proven techniques to help you and your teen cope with the adolescent signs of autism.
A great way to help handle the challenges is to provide your teen with some reading to help them understand their potential as well as the changing social world they now have to navigate.
Teen Signs of Autism: Neglecting Hygiene Most teens will become more obsessed with their appearance, the way they smell and the hygiene products that they can't live without.
An autistic teen will not necessarily make this transition, at least not as early as many of their peers.
Unfortunately as teens become obsessed with their own appearance it seems they become just as obsessed with the appearance of others.
This means if your teen is not taking proper care of themselves it won't be long before others start to notice.
This will make it even more difficult for them to fit in at school and in some cases may alienate friends who have stood by them in the past.
"The Aspie Teen's Survival Guide" as well as "Taking Care of Myself" can be quite helpful in discussing the hygiene issues faced by teens.
Promoting Self-esteem in Autistic Teens Self-esteem may pose new challenges for your autistic teen.
With this in mind any feedback you might have for them regarding their appearance must be done as gently and positively as possible.
There are so many people who have publicly told their stories and experiences with autism spectrum disorder that it might be helpful to seek out stories of success and share them with your teen to help them feel inspired and know they can succeed.
Books such as "Developing Talents" and "Preparing for Life" can help them see their full potential.
Sexuality and Signs of Autism One of the most difficult changes for teens is dealing with their sexuality.
When it comes to autism, boundaries are always difficult to define and explain.
Your teen may be more vulnerable to sexual abuse because they do not communicate as effectively and it might be construed as complacency.
Look for books that will help teach them about inappropriate touching by them or by others.
Books such as "Autism-Aspergers and Sexuality: Puberty and Beyond" may make it less embarrassing than trying to discuss it face to face.
Keep in mind they will be exposed to sexual content in health class and discussing what they learn is a possibility all parents must be prepared to face.
Picture Books and Games It may seem your teen is beyond picture books, but when it comes to learning they are often more responsive to pictures.
Providing books such as "Teen Talk" can teach them how to converse like other teens for example.
Another book teens might respond to well, is "Diary of a Social Detective" which takes them through a series of clues to learn about proper social behaviour for teens and pre-teens.
Books about mood and emotion are also important at this age as it is difficult to understand why they may be feeling so many unfamiliar emotions.
Finally, dating and the opposite sex will be even more perplexing than before.
"The Guide to Dating for Teenagers with Aspergers" can help explain what a healthy relationship is and how to cope with boy/girl relationships.
Trying to cope with the signs of autism can be even more challenging as your child reaches puberty.
Finding the right books will help you both survive the teen years.

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