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Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina - Book Review

Title and Author:Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina Subtitle: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth Synopsis of Content: In Personal Development for Smart People Steve Pavlina looks at personal development and success with an atypical perspective.
This new perspective is influenced by some "new age" concepts and by a more philosophical approach than is typically found in many personal development and success books.
First Pavlina discusses what he considers the Fundamental Principles of personal development: Truth, Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage and Intelligence.
Each of these is then broken down into subcategories and explained, both on their own and as they related to one another.
The second part of the book seeks to apply those core principles to how we behave.
He focuses on Habits, Career, Money, Health, Relationships and Spirituality.
In each of these areas he relates back how the core principles in the first part of the book relate to these personal development ideas.
Throughout this book the author challenges the reader to look within and for many this may be a bit uncomfortable.
Some of these exercises may even appear strange or even useless, as when he invites the reader to have a conversation with one's pen.
Despite the awkwardness of some of these discussions however the introspection called for in this book can lead to a greater understanding of oneself as well as how these principles should apply to the reader.
The author also discusses some of his own challenges and how he went from sitting in a jail cell to becoming successful in several business ventures.
He does not really tie his own success story into the things he teaches in the book very well however.
The book is not technical and does not contain many of the "how to" details that self-help books often stress.
The book is more about understanding and conceptual development than it is about the nuts and bolts of time management or planning.
As a book that gets you to think about your own personal growth and development it is good.
It is not however a straightforward guide to how to become better at anything in particular.
I gave this book an overall rating of "very good" mostly because it does challenge the reader to think at a deeper level than most self-improvement books do.
Readability/Writing Quality: The writing is clear and easy to follow.
There is a fair amount of redundancy in the last half of the book.
It is organized in a manner that makes it easy to follow.
Notes on Author: Steve Pavlina worked in software development and especially gaming software where he achieved significant success.
In recent years he moved his focus to personal development with his blog and website including a large message board with over one million entries.
Three Great Ideas You Can Use: 1.
Extensive routine is the enemy of intelligence.
One should commit to creative thinking and making positive changes in how one lives one's life to realize genuine development.
To achieve genuine personal growth you must embrace truth and reject falsehoods.
Though it may be ironic, when one feels disconnected from other people the best cure is to intentionally connect with others.
Publication Information: Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina Subtitle: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth Copyright 2008 by Steve Pavlina Published by Hay House

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