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The Secret of Boudoir Photography

One of the types of photography that are becoming increasingly more popular is boudoir photography. It has arisen over the last few years as an artistic expression for photographers, but it is only recently that it has evolved into something that women seek out for themselves. In my experience as a boudoir photographer in Brisbane, it has been most popular with brides-to-be as a wedding gift for their future husbands, but these shoots are also becoming more common for the everyday woman.

The most common misconception people have about boudoir shoots is that it's only for women with a certain "look"; long legs, a perfect hourglass figure, young features and a petite size. Some even think it's only for girls who have a special affinity for the old fashioned vintage pin-up style that you see on 1950s posters. This couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, EVERYONE can do a boudoir shoot.

We encourage ladies of all ages, sizes, shapes and lifestyles to do a boudoir session. We truly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own right, and a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to draw that beauty out and emphasize it!

The ladies we get into the studio almost always feel nervous and self-conscious, and often they don't do it for themselves but for their partners. However, at the end of it, they walk away with increased confidence and a good feeling!

For our boudoir sessions there is always an all female crew to make sure the clients are 100% comfortable. I always work with my favourite make-up artists on boudoir shoots; women that I trust to make the client look like the best version of herself she can possibly look. In addition to photographing the lovely ladies, I help them with poses and positions for the most flattering looks possible, and I tell them honestly what works and what doesn't and why. This helps create a mutual trust and friendly atmosphere. Most importantly, our clients always grow more relaxed after a short time and have a lot of fun!

In terms of style, I'm a big fan of the natural, understated "girl next door" look for boudoir shoots. The women bring enough beauty to the shoot without the need for exaggerated poses and overly sexy expressions, and the results look effortless and romantic, which is what our lovely clients want.

Boudoir photography [] is great for brides-to-be and girlfriends who want to surprise their partners with a beautiful collection of photos, but it is also for everyone else. I cannot express enough how much I love it when people are overwhelmed and surprised about how stunning they look in the photos, and it is what makes boudoir sessions one of my favourite parts of my job!

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