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After Market Exhaust Tips

    Where to Find Them

    • Because of the popularity of aftermarket exhaust tips, they are available from many sources. Online, there are many large companies such as Summit Racing that distribute just about any tip made. You can also go directly to the manufacturers' websites. Another great place to find aftermarket tips is eBay, with a large selection to choose from. In person, a good place to start is your local auto parts store such as NAPA or a large muffler shop. The dealership that sells your make and model might also have a selection of tips designed specifically for your vehicle.

    Styles and Finishes

    • There is a huge choice of styles and finishes in aftermarket exhaust tips. The most popular are chrome and stainless steel, but carbon fiber, black chrome and powder-coated tips also are available. They come in round, oval, square and rectangular and are sometimes even shaped like the logo of the car they are going on, such as the Chevy bow-tie exhaust tip. The tips can terminate in a vertical opening, an up-turned opening (called DTM-style) or a slash cut. Depending on the look you are going for, there are sharp edged tips as well as beveled tips that feature a rolled edge at the opening. If you trying to deepen or mellow out your exhaust note, try a resonated tip, which has extra material in the tip to alter the sound.

    How to Choose an Exhaust Tip

    • When choosing an exhaust tip, consider your vehicle's styling as well as the year it was made. A classic skuch as a Triumph or vintage Mustang probably won't look right with a square, carbon fiber tip but would look great with a round, dual-outlet, chrome tip. If your car is a modern sport compact or sports car that already has some carbon fiber bits on it, a carbon fiber exhaust tip will probably complement it.

    Installation and Care

    • Aftermarket exhaust tips are generally easy to install. Slide the new tip over the exhaust pipe until it is in the desired position and then tighten the bolts that come with it. The bolts will either tighten a clamp that holds the tip on or go through the tip and tighten against the exhaust pipe. Some tips will need to be welded on by a professional muffler shop if they are not bolt-on tips. Verify this when you buy them.
      Simply wash the tips when you wash your car. If you have stainless steel or chrome tips, use a high quality metal polish to keep them looking new.

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