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Getting A Little Help For A Short Term Problem

There was a time not so long ago when we could easily open bank accounts and overdraft were granted freely as this allowed banks to make money on the interest. In an emergency your friendly high street bank manager would always lend a sympathetic ear and discuss a repayment strategy before lending you the money.

All sounds like a fairy story now doesn't it? The irony about the current unhelpfulness of the banks is that they bought it upon themselves with rogue traders, or more correctly, gamblers in pin stripe suits, blowing all the money. They also made themselves branch out into areas of business that had nothing to do with banking but should have remained the role of insurance companies and building societies.

The bank manager in a small town had an air of respectability and was an upstanding member of the community who would know every small business personally and could use his judgement to understand unusual circumstances had made life difficult for a particular business but he had the knowledge of the business to know whether or not recovery was likely with a loan.

In bowler hats and frock coat well into the nineteen sixties, these managers often had a look of the wonderfully pompous Captain Mainwaring with their inflated egos. However, you treated them with respect because they had it in their power to make or break small businesses.

Today there is rarely a manager in sight and if there is he has no authority to grant overdraft or loans without pushing buttons on a keyboard and letting the screen tell him you are not going to get a single penny.

Just now and again you may realise that funds in the bank are not going to last until pay-day and with the banks unwilling to help it might make sense to take a very short loan. Quick payday loans are useful schemes that help very short-term you should not take one if you know that come the next pay-day you will not be able to repay it in full.

Equally, you should not take one if you know that after it has come out of your monthly salary the shortfall in your income will mean that the following month will throw up exactly the same cash flow problem.

The loan should be seen as a very short fix to an immediate problem. It is usually an unexpected or even over looked bill that simply won't wait till next pay-day without creating serious problems like the threat of one gas, electricity or some other utility being cut off or any other reason.

The best thing about quick payday loans is that you don't need to explain yourself about what the money is needed for and the other good thing about quick is that this is exactly what it means.

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