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Hotshot Basketball Rules


    • Hotshots is a one player game in which your basketball player attempts to make as many baskets as possible in a short period of time. You are awarded points for each basket you score, and if you score the required amount of baskets you unlock new levels. For every successful level you complete a bonus level is unlocked that requires you to follow specific instructions in order to score points.

    Scoring Rules

    • In the first round each basket scored is worth two points, until you make 10 baskets at which point each basket is worth three points. If you have made 10 baskets when 10 seconds are left on the clock, you will go into bonus time and each basket will be worth four points for the last 10 seconds. After the first round, the point totals increase by one point and you are required to make one more basket during each round. For example, the second round requires you to make 11 baskets and baskets scored are worth three or four instead of two or three.

    Time Rules

    • Hotshots allows you 45 seconds for each round to make as many baskets as you can. The last 10 seconds of each round are considered bonus time and baskets are worth an additional point.

    Bonus Rounds

    • If you successfully complete a round, you are given the opportunity to participate in a bonus round. During this bonus round, rather than shooting at one moving target, there are three stationary targets. When one of the targets turns yellow, you are to attempt to hit that target. Each of the three targets is awarded a different point value and you shoot until you miss. You're not penalized for missing bonus round shots.

    Winning and Losing

    • Since this is a one player game, you are competing to better your previous score rather than trying to beat somebody. If you do not score the required number of points for each round, you lose the game and must start over. If you continue to reach the objective number of baskets set at the beginning of each level, you proceed to the next level.

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