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How to Market With Twitter - 4 Secrets That You Should Know

No doubt you have heard of Twitter by now! If you have not tried it you have probably heard it mentioned in passing conversation.
Twitter is a new website that allows you to "follow" people to see what they are up to in their day to day lives.
People then follow you, and you can share your daily activities, what websites you are viewing and even pictures that you find amusing.
But have you heard how to market with Twitter? After I used Twitter for a while I began to discover how to market with Twitter and haven't looked back.
Using Twitter for marketing is kind of like using a bare bones Facebook with a ton more potential.
Get Followers!
Twitter is all about who you are following and who is following you! The more people that you have following you, the more people that you can get your message to.
If you can learn to get targeted followers you can market your products to them and get hundreds of people checking out your websites with ever Tweet! 2.
Be a Follower
At first, using Twitter to market can be like shouting into a vacant room where all you hear is the echo of your voice.
The easiest way to get followers is to follow people that are interested in the same things as you, or people that are in the same line of business as you are.
Twitter has various tools to find the people that are interesting to you.
The Art of The Tweet.
First cardinal rule of using Twitter to market: don't spam! Sure you can Tweet your website updates but using Twitter is similar to the etiquette you find in forums.
The more value that you add, the more people listen to what you say! The best Tweets make an observation, take a stance or even tell a joke! 4.
You Have Followers, Your Following People, You Know How To Tweet, Now What?
Get your message to the masses! While adding interesting Tweets to the mix, promote your newest website updates, affiliate products, blog posts and newest articles.
This is how to market with Twitter! Once you have a large Twitter following you will see hundreds of people visiting your websites with every Tweet.
The more people that visit your sites the more that the search engines like you, the more that the search engines like you, the better your page rank becomes.
You see the trend!

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