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How to Stop Your Nosebleeds

    • 1). Sit down and lean forward slightly so that the blood drains out of the nose instead of down the back of the throat. You may wish to place towels or a container on the floor underneath you to catch the blood.

    • 2). Keep the head above the heart at all times when the nose is bleeding to prevent excessive bleeding or dizziness. This helps reduce the blood pressure and can slow the bleeding.

    • 3). Pinch the nostrils closed using the thumb and the forefinger. Do not pinch the bridge of the nose as this will not stop the bleeding.

    • 4). Hold the nose closed for five minutes and then release. If there is still blood flow, pinch closed again for another five minutes. Repeat until the blood has stopped.

    • 5). Avoid blowing your nose or bending over for an hour or two once the nosebleed has stopped to help prevent further bleeding.

    • 6). Blow the nose gently to clear out blood clots if the bleeding occurs again and use a decongestant spray such as Afrin. The decongestant will help dry out the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. This step is not needed for most nosebleeds unless the nose begins to bleed again. After using the decongestant spray, pinch nose closed as described above to stop bleeding.

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