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Which Mattresses Are the Best?


    • An estimated 70 million Americans complain of sleep deprivation. It is estimated that over $7 billion is spent annually on mattresses. These two figures go hand in hand, because the reason that many people buy a new mattress is because they are having trouble sleeping. If everyone understood which mattresses are best for them, fewer people would suffer from sleeplessness and less money would be spent on mattresses. This would lead to an overall healthier American lifestyle.


    • When selecting the perfect mattress, consider the features of the mattress and the price and warranty. Consumer Reports states that you need to select a mattress with at least 390 coils, because anything less can be flimsy and cause your body to feel unneeded pressure. Pillow-top mattresses can break down over time, leaving deep craters and sags in the pillow top only. This will cause you to replace your mattress before it is time. The price and warranty are also very important considerations. Know the limitations of your warranty and be sure to know how to ensure you don't inadvertently void your warranty.


    • Mattresses come in several sizes. The most common mattress sizes are twin, full, queen and king. Twin and full beds are typically used for younger single individuals and children. Queen and king mattresses are the two most common mattress sizes for couples or single adults. Selecting the right sized mattress is crucial to making sure you sleep comfortably. If you sleep with a partner, make sure you have enough room on the mattress for both people to sleep comfortably.


    • Traditional mattresses, pillow-top mattresses and memory foam mattresses are the most popular mattress selections. Traditional mattresses feature coil systems and are usually the least expensive. Pillow-top mattresses have coil systems within them, but feature an added layer of plush or feather padding on the top of the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are made of a latex or polyester foam that molds to your body. Memory foam mattresses work well at preventing aches and pains, but they also absorb body heat.

      In addition to the most popular mattress selections, adjustable bed mattresses and air mattresses are two other types of bedding that are recommended for those with chronic back problems. Adjustable bed mattresses allow you to adjust the firmness of your bed. This bedding is great for couples who have different comfort levels. Air mattresses use air pressure to regulate the amount of pressure put on your spine, and are usually very comfortable for those with back pain.


    • Many people think that the best mattresses are the most expensive ones. This is not always the case. Some people can sleep much better on a very inexpensive mattress than they can on a top-of-the-line mattress. Consumers also think that just because a mattress is under warranty, it will be replaced for free. This is not always true either. Some manufacturers void the warranty if you remove the tag. Warranties are sometimes voided if your mattress is stained. In addition, not all warranties cover 100 percent replacement. Some warranties will require you to pay a certain amount for a new mattress.

    Firmness and Support

    • Firmness and support are two key elements in selecting the best mattress. If you have chronic back problems or certain illnesses such as arthritis, the perfect mattress could play an important role in your overall health. Chiropractors and orthopedists suggest medium firm mattresses for those with chronic back problems. A mattress that is too soft will not offer support, which will put strain on your joints, spine and bones.

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