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C4030-670, IBM Systems Networking Technical Exam For The Professionals

C4030-670, IBM Technical Support V1 has been designed to make the applicants certified of the IBM title for being the experts of systems networking. The questions included in the exam are sixty seven in number for a period of seventy five minutes, to score sixty eight percent.

C4030-670, IBM Technical Support V1 sections given in the exam for learning are as follows:
First if to Evaluate and Establish Customer Environment and Plans that includes the information of how to understand current customer environment such as equipment including Blade Center and top of rack need for change and growth power, network, storage, WAN, Fiber Channel, IBM System Networking family, features, architectural advantages relevant to customer environment and plans. Contrast with current customer environment and competitive offerings at a level consistent with the customer audience, previous IBM and competitive network devices for potential replacement, purpose and functions of various IBM and competitive network devices, components required to meet a network specification, the OSI and TCP/IP models and their associated protocols to explain how data flows in a network and common networked applications including web applications.

Interpret network diagrams of C4030-670, IBM Technical Support V1 includes the knowledge of correct common network Differentiate LAN/WAN operation and features, related software and middleware, storage management options including backup procedures and I/O options.

Systems management include the basic learning of Current customer network and storage switch infrastructure, networking fundamentals as required for customer discussion and understanding, Basic routing concepts (including: packet forwarding, router lookup, IPv6 addresses, the operation and benefits of using private and public IP addressing, the operation and benefits of using DHCP, enhanced switching technologies such as VLAN, RSTP, PVSTP, MST, 802.1q, LACP, high availability functions (Hot links, L2 failover, AMP, how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing, technology and media access control method for operation of IBM switches, connectivity and management of switch modules inside IBM Blade Center, Compare and contrast methods of routing and routing protocols and technological requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4.

The second section of C4030-670, IBM Technical Support V1 is called Apply Information / Installation Planning / Migration Considerations that covers the information of the following topics that are given to the candidates as under: the accurate solution including hardware topology, software, and services based upon the needs and expectations of the customer, VLANs and inters witch technology, and Virtualization such as network, server, and storage, to network devices and hosts, Address basic switch security requirements (including: user access, ACL, IP addressing scheme and IP Services to meet network requirements, areas of risk, discuss with relevant parties, an implementation plan with the customer consisting of the task of Operating system and NIC drivers, System management, IBM System Networking products, Physical site requirements, Migration from current to planned infrastructure.

C4030-670, IBM Technical Support V1 exam helps in earning of IBM Certified Specialist - Technical Support V1 title. Practice session can be through IBM System Networking Technical Competitive Overview, Networking OS 7.2 Technology Deep Dive Update.

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