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Where to find friends online

Quite a varied bunch, actually. On social sites you could meet Rach1812, who has named herself after her favourite overture and, you've guessed it, wants to find a friend for trips to concerts and the theatre. DancingShoes, aged 27, suddenly realised that all of her friends were either married or have children and very rarely leave their houses.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is Adele26 is preparing for her empty nest when her children will very soon be leaving to go to university.Reading biographies is revealing a broad spectrum of the university of life. There is a husband caring for a wife with Alzheimers, people working from home wishing to make friends to make up for a chat by the office water cooler, mums with small kids to pick up from play school who just have time for one more post on the forum, Open University students who would welcome meeting someone online with whom to "procrastinate in style" and a 52 year old man who is looking for new friends to enjoy sailing with him from the Weymouth and Portland area.On the forum there is a thread where people list their profession which reveals that members work as party planner, aircraft engineer, care assistant, musician, land surveyor, bus driver or teacher.There are amusing spellings when people describe themselves as "tea-total" or "without bear belly"and amusing pseudonyms from Aitch to Itolduso, sillyoldfool and pheasantplucker.

User statistics indicate that everyone likes to make friends according to their own preferences: some are happy to engage in online e-palling to get to know each other first, others banter in the Chatroom and some only turn up for the "Eats Meets" that members organise between themselves.If you'd like to make new friends, then come and join us and meet like-minded people on Fishing for a Friend.

FishingForAFriend dot com is now a true friends network where one can learn how to make friends

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