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Barn Activities


    • Take your children and their friends on a hayride around the barn. The easiest and safest way to enjoy a hayride is by piling a few kids on a sled and pulling them through the sawdust. The bottom of the smooth sled travels fast on soft hay or sawdust. Another type of hayride involves using a tractor to pull a trailer of hay or a horse to pull a sled. Either one works well, but make sure the children are safely secured on the hayride and out of danger of being kicked by a horse.

    Horseback Riding

    • Enjoy Horseback RidingJohn Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

      The most popular barn activity is horseback riding. Saddle up a pony or a horse and ride solo or double around the barn or in the pastures. Young children may prefer to ride with an adult. Regardless of whether you are riding a pony or a horse, always wear a helmet for protection, and do not encourage the horse to canter if you don't feel safe.

    Muck Out the Stalls

    • Muck out the barn stalls.BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

      Hire a few teenage kids to muck out the stalls or do it yourself for exercise. Stall-mucking, as the term goes, burns calories and keeps the horses' pens clean. The most efficient way to muck out the stalls is to use a plastic rake with four or five prongs. As you sift through the sawdust the poop will remain on the shovel. Throw the debris into a wheelbarrow. Once you are done mucking out the stall, dump the wheelbarrow of poop and other debris into the woods or use as fertilizer for your garden.

    Brush the Horses

    • Keep your horses looking pretty.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Keep your horses feeling good by brushing their coat and cleaning out their feet. Use a curly bristled brush to get the dirt out of the coat and then a soft bristle brush to smooth the hair. Combing the mane will get rid of the tangles and also keep the hair out of your horse's eyes. Finally, use a hoof pick to clean the feet. Make sure to stand beside the horse when cleaning the feet, not behind it (to avoid getting kicked).

    Easter Egg Hunt

    • Hide Easter eggs in the barn.Jupiterimages/ Images

      The barn is a perfect location to have an Easter egg hunt. Invite your children, grandchildren and neighborhood folks over for what will surely be a fun event for all. Before the party, cook and dye a few dozen eggs. Then hide them all over the barn. For example, you may hide the eggs in the hay bales, sawdust, inside the brush baskets, in the feet stirrups of saddles and in a tractor. Do not hide eggs in close proximity to horses, where children may inadvertently get stepped on.

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