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How to Fix a Cell Phone After a Drink Was Spilled on It

    • 1). Take out your cell phone's battery immediately after the drink is spilled.

    • 2). Rinse the cell phone battery with water if a corrosive drink was spilled on it, such as soda or alcohol.

    • 3). Wipe down your cell phone with a damp cloth. This should get off the residue from the spilled drink.

    • 4). Let your cell phone and the battery dry completely. This might take several days.

    • 5). Put the battery back in your cell phone once they're both completely dry. Plug your phone into the charger and turn it on. Hopefully, your cell phone will work.

    • 6). Buy a new battery if your cell phone doesn't turn back on. Most likely, the battery was damaged when you spilled the drink. A new battery should fix the problem.

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