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2 Hot Positions For G-Spot Orgasms - These Will Turn Her On Like Nothing Else - Guaranteed!

In today's article, we are going to introduce few steamy poses for your girl's G-spot pleasure.
When performed correctly, these positions will open up a whole new orgasmic world - we promise.
The Bend Over:
tell your partner to lie facedown on the bed, with her feet resting on the floor.
You stand behind her and enter her from behind.
As you are rocking, lift up her left legs for deeper penetration.
This position is more superior than regular Rear Entry position as it offers greater stability and leverage.
That way, it allows both partners to focus on arousal level.
As well, it puts the G-spot in the bull's eye, thereby increasing your chance of hitting her hot button.
Hot tips: to shake things up, use your free hand to stroke her clitoris and nipples.
The Tight Grip:
sit yourself on the bed, and then lean backward with your elbows as support.
Have your girl to sit onto your member, facing against you.
Then, you move your groin in circular motion.
When you are busy doing your things, she should keep her legs closed and her feet planted on the floor.
This helps to tighten the vaginal path and elongate orgasmic sensation for both partners.
As well, the downward maneuver will allow the penis to hit the G-spot erotically.
Hot tip: You can drive her wild by caressing other pleasure zones of her body, including neck, hips, breasts and inner thighs.
The extra gusto will send her over the edge easily.
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So, do yourself a favor: make your penis bigger NOW! Else, an affair would not be very far behind.
You have been warned.

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