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Wedding Knife and Cake Server Set - 5 Reasons to Use Them

Have you been told that a wedding knife and cake server set is a necessity for your wedding or wedding reception? Almost everybody has and if you are going traditional, than yes it is a must.
Why, you ask, is it necessary? There really is no point except to have fun, right? Wrong! There is more to the act of cutting and serving the cake than just having the fun and excitement in celebrating.
Here are five reasons and explanations for why you must have a wedding knife and cake server set:
  • Cut Your Wedding Cake: First and foremost, the knife and cake server were meant for this particular event.
    Cutting the wedding cake symbolizes unity and commitment.
    The very act of cutting the cake together, is an act of the bride and groom working jointly as one for the first time.
    The brides hand is the first to be placed upon the knife and the groom's hand is set on top of hers.
    An act symbolizing that the groom is helping the bride and showing that he will gently guide her in their future life.
  • Eating the Cake: When actually eating the cake, the server is set underneath the piece that has been cut and drawn out of the rest of the bottom layer and then set on the table.
    The bride takes the first piece and gives it to the groom, as a symbol of commitment and submission.
    The groom in turn does the same to the bride.
  • Serve Your Guests/ Cater to them: After the cake cutting is completed the bride cuts the cake and serves all of her guests.
    This also is a ritual that symbolizes service and love for your friends and neighbors.
    If you serve them, they in turn will serve you.
    But, not only is it a symbol, it is common courtesy to serve your guests to thank them for their attendance and help in celebrating your marriage.
  • Anticipation and Fun: The utensils alone bring a joy and anticipation of their own.
    When your guests go by the wedding table and see the knife and cake server they will know what event you are planning to have and they will want to be a part of it.
    It also acts as a reminder that the bride and groom will be making a very sacred commitment.
  • Dual Use: How often can you find a tool that has dual action? Not very often.
    These will cut and serve all at the same time without changing tools and wasting time setting down one and picking up another.
    There are two utensils in the package, but if desired the cake server is for your own convenience to cut and serve and most importantly, to save time.
If you didn't have the wedding knife and cake server set, all this tradition would be missed, not to mention the fun and excitement it provides as well.
To many people this is a very special event and to others a fun part of the ceremony.
Either way, it can't be done without the small, but very important cutting and serving utensils.

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