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Have English Teachers and Journalist Majors Overplayed Their Hands In An Attempt to Control?

As an online writer, I've sure noticed that us newbies are not liked that well by journalist majors and professional writers.
But, I am okay with that, after all, they see as a threat to their future employment.
I've also witnessed some attempts by English Teachers to somehow proclaim that those who can't or won't write well -- perfect grammar and spelling -- are somehow to be considered incompetent, unintelligent, or uneducated, therefore what we say or write shouldn't be taken at face value, that somehow we don't have credibility.
Really, because in the real world (outside of the fake world of the mass media where most of the stuff is embellished to create the sound and fury of the day or push an agenda) it's not what you say or write, it's what you do that matters, performance counts.
Those who spend all day writing are not doers, they can't be, they write about what "We Do" out here in the real world.
Now that the online venues, blog, and social networks are allowing everyone to have their say of course 'the professionals' want to be heard and diminish and minimize the rest.
I get that, I understand, but it doesn't make their attempts to pull rank over the dialogue or attempt to control the narrative with their grammar rules.
Do online writers abuse proper English Grammar Rules? Oh, certainly, some meaningfully, others simply because they are not sure exactly what they are.
Indeed, I think what I am noticing is the when folks use speech recognition software they tend to do this more, so, they end up with long run-on sentences, which eventually stop making any sense, and then become shallow - even if there is at least some good information within - it just gets drowned out.
Still, personally, as a reader, I am much more concerned with important information and content, than perfect diction, grammar, and spelling from a skilled and educated writer.
For the simple reason that those in the real world make it happen and those who teach, well, they teach and guard the rule book - just like lawyers often do.
So, if someone has excellent knowledge and wisdom, bathed in actual experience that's what I look for, now if their grammar is perfect to boot, all the better, but not a criteria for me as a reader, it's just a bonus in my opinion.
Still, even if my above paragraph is not perfectly grammatically correct, so what, I mean you got the message right? Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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