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The word "Veteran", as it is explained in the dictionary is a person who is experienced in a particular field.
In countries such as the United States, it refers to someone who has worked in the armed forces.
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is a government branch that runs the military veterans benefit system.
It offers programs of veteran benefits for veterans, survivors of wars and their families and dependents too.
Veterans' benefits at the Federal level include disability compensation, financial support for college, home loans, life insurance, medical and burial benefits, survivors' benefits, and vocational rehabilitation.
Each state in the United States also provides benefits to veterans including education and property tax relief.
Every state has particular condition to be qualified for these benefits.
Besides the government, there are other private institutions and associations that offer benefit programs for US veterans.
Most of these institutions are run by veterans themselves, so they understand the distinctive needs of this group.
These institutions are usually associated with distinguished establishments around the world in providing special discounts and free gifts on travel and entertainment, gifts and shopping as well as health and wellness and other services valuable to veterans.
There are other organizations and support groups that provide free service to veterans.
These groups assist veterans and their loved ones seek the medical care they deserve or work with them to interface with government departments.
Veterans were also provided a holiday, called Veterans Day or Armistice Day to commemorate their contributions and services through conducting programs and parades and giving recognition.
America considers November 11 as a national and a state holiday as signed into law by President Eisenhower in 1954.

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