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Window Tinting, the Best Home Improvement in an Economic Downturn!

When money is tight it's hard to justify spending dollars on home improvements.
But, what if there was a way to glamorize your home during this economic downturn, and be able to save money in the end? Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it's not! Window tinting is one of the best ways you can beautify your home right now because it will put dollars back in your pocket! How window tinting can save you money Higher grade window tints can block as much as 97% of infrared light from the sun, thus keeping your house cooler in the summer.
This can save you countless dollars on your energy bills.
Window Tinting can also block up to 99% of UV rays which is the single largest cause of furniture fading.
If you want to keep your tables, chairs, and couches in perfect condition for years to come then window tinting is the best way to go! Other benefits At night, regular window glass will reflect the interior of your home, causing you to lose views of your outside surroundings.
Certain high grade window films, such as 3M Night Vision Window Films, allow you to maintain the visibility of your outdoor scenery all day and all night.
You can only get 3M night vision from companies that work with 3M manufactures, which is the best window film on the market.
But, keep in mind that they don't let just anyone sell their products.
So, when you're shopping around make sure the window tinting company works well with 3M manufacturers.
Other benefits:
  • Tinting can not only add an instant upgrade to your home, but also your office or vehicle!
  • Window film can significantly reduce glares.
  • Provide added safety and security by keeping outsiders from being able to view the valuables in your home
  • Create a much more customized look for your home in an instance
  • Provide extra protection from scratching with a resistant coating.
  • You can choose from a wide shades and colors.
I bet you didn't realize that window tinting had so many benefits, and could end up saving you money in the end! Not only is it an instant upgrade for your home, but it will allow you protect your furniture, keep scratches off your windows, and save you money on your energy bills all with just a onetime purchase.
If you're living in Utah, Glamour Glaze can help you with all your Utah window tinting needs!

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