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How to Make Hotmail Your Home Page

    Internet Explorer

    • 1). Open your Internet Explorer browser. Select "Tools" from the menu bar. Choose "Internet Options."

    • 2). Look underneath the "General" tab.

    • 3). Delete the URL (website address) that is located inside the box of the top "Home Page" section.

    • 4). Type the Hotmail URL "" inside of the box as your new home page.

    • 5). Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page to save your changes. Click "OK" to close out of "Internet Options."


    • 1). Open your FireFox browser. Click "Tools" on the menu bar. Select "Options."

    • 2). Click on the tab labeled "Main" at the top of your "Options" window.

    • 3). Delete the URL that is located inside of the "Home Page" box.

    • 4). Type "" inside of the box. Be sure that the drop-down menu above the home-page box has the option selected to "Show My Home Page" when FireFox starts.

    • 5). Click the "OK" button at the bottom of your "Options" window to save your settings.

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