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Be Definitely Sure What You Mean With "Success"

What is success really? Do you call it a success when you own a lot of money, a luxurious car, a mansion with swimming pool or a big company? Are you a successful person when you've got a lot of important friends or when you are promoted to a high ranking official? Well, it might not be so! Could you comprehend this true story about the owner of a big company who jumped to his death from the top of a multi storied hotel? You may have heard of similar tragedies now and then that took place somewhere.
It seems that enormous wealth, popularity or important status does not necessarily guarantee anyone's success.
Experts have tried for long to define 'success' and they concluded that in general, success is somehow always closely related to how much happiness is present in your life.
Success and happiness form an inseparable pair.
You just can't claim any success if your family is unhappily in a terrible mess even if you've got great wealth and fame.
But this should not mislead you into justifying that being financially poor and infamous is all right as long as you could feel happy.
You see, it is very unlikely you could feel so if you being poor, are suffering from a severe illness that requires costly treatment, not to mention what the future will hold for your children whose education you can't afford to pay.
So you need to balance your success with managing a happy life of yours.
It is truly your deserved success when at the same time you are living a happy life.

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