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Should You Be Afraid Of Money Spells?

Plenty of people begin their books, essays and webpages on spells by talking about the dangers of practicing magick.
The uninitiated, it is said, will find themselves in a world of danger and pain by even thinking of taking the path which the author will then describe.
Readers are warned of unexpected consequences, which result from fiddling about with the universe and actively trying to pursue something as profane as money.
Please rest assured that I do not judge you.
In fact, I have a desire for money as well, and am actively working towards accumulating a little.
  • Money spells are innocuous.
    Like many tools, they are neutral.
    Positivity or negativity depend on what they are used for, who they are used by, and how they are used.
    A hammer, for example, is neither good nor evil.
    It can be used to repair an item or build a house, which is good.
    It can be used to hurt someone, which is bad.
    Additionally, someone who doesn't know what they are doing can hurt themselves by using it the wrong way.
    Therefore, if you are going to use money spells, as long as you know what you are doing, are cautious, and aren't using it for negative purposes, nothing bad is likely to come of your practice.
  • Unlike a hammer, the harm the practitioner may face generally won't come from the spell itself.
    It will come from practicing magick without doing anything else to improve the situation.
    You can copy/paste spells all you want, and you can dance every night under the moonlight, but unless you actively work on fixing your problems in mundane ways, your magick probably won't work.
    If you expect your spells to work without addressing what is causing the problem, your situation is likely to remain the same or even worsen.
    The danger is in wasting time and energy on something that doesn't work.
  • Money spells are part of the solution, not the whole thing.
    You might do a money spell to help you get enough for rent, but if you don't do anything else to change your situation, next month you'll be scrambling to get rent again.
    You might do a spell hoping to get some overtime, but if you are underpaid and chronically given fewer hours than you need, you will always be lacking.
    The key here is to work on the root problem rather than just the symptoms.
    Don't be satisfied if you get enough for the day; work on the reasons why you don't have enough for the month.
    When you have begun to understand what your monthly finance problems are, concentrate on the year.
    The further along you go, the greater your understanding will be of your financial situation and how to manage it.
    This is so much more effective than trying to get by day to day.
The easiest way to seek out route out problems instead of fixing specific symptoms is to focus on intention.
That doesn't mean that you can't focus on the current problems which vex you.
Not having enough for rent is a huge problem, and one that can't be ignored.
However, letting that be all that you concern yourself with is a mistake.
If you only say, "I want enough for rent this month," then that is all you will receive.
Don't go the other route and say, "I want untold riches.
" How exactly would you be able to accomplish this, besides having some very rich person decide to take you under their wing? If the intention is to have enough money, it is better to say things like, "I will be prosperous," and "I will have enough to take care of whatever I need.
" You certainly don't have to say those things forever, but once you reach a stable place financially, you can work on getting a bit more for the things that you intend to do.
One last thing - money isn't evil.
The desire to be financially well off is not a bad thing, either.
If you use magick to get money, you aren't committing any grevious error.
So long as you don't commit any ethical errors, you should take joy in the fact that you are trying to improve your life.
CRAFTING A PROSPERITY SPELL/RITUAL Now that you understand money spells aren't some cure-all thing that you do slap-dash whenever you feel like making a bit of cash, I would like to share with you a customizable method of gaining prosperity.
This is no 'cut and paste' set of instructions, but rather a beginner's guide that you can build on.
There are only two rules to Greenwick style spells and ritual.
The first is that intention rules over everything.
The second is that nothing can be done unethically.
  • Yes, that is really all there is to it.
    With these two things firmly in mind, you can begin to work your magick.
    Identify what your problems are.
    What do you think best symbolises your problems? Make a representation of this symbol to use in the spell.
  • Set aside a time and place for your spell.
    Maybe you'll light a candle.
    Maybe you'll go to a quite place in the middle of the night.
    Maybe you'll do it in the middle of the day.
    The bathroom might be an interesting place to try.
    Whatever time and place you feel will work best for you, no matter the reason.
  • For myself, the best sort of prosperity spell involves gardening.
    I set up some sort of plant - whether it is a pot of dirt with seeds in it or something that is already grown.
    Starting from a seed would probably be best.
    Sometimes I also use a token - in this case, a money frog.
    I set the token on the dirt at the edge of the pot.
After doing whatever I feel is important to do at the moment (Lighting candles, dancing, singing, etc.
) I ponder the growth of the plants.
I dedicate the plant to whatever it is that I want to work on.
I say, "I will tend this plant as I tend my problem.
As this plant grows, I will grow, and my problem will blossom into new life.
" The best thing about this is that problems, when we address them, usually let us move forward in life.
Our problems are an important part of who we are, and the only way that we will ever grow as people.
After that, I think of how I can help the magick along.
For prosperity, I look for better jobs or money making activities.
I work on my woodcraft and my art, with the intention of both giving others something to enjoy and using my skills to make a living.
Prosperity is not immediate, but is growing apace.
Best of all, my state of mind has improved immensely.
I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.
-Almanzo Greenwick

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