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The 12 Day Diet Plan

A major problem of the lifestyle that modern society has is
obesity. If you are one of those who is having such a
problem than the answer might lies in this article for the
12 days diet program. This 12 days diet program will
definitely assist you to get rid of those extra body fats.

The 12 days diet begins with you getting rid of all those
foods that have a lot of fat and oils; this is a very
important first step to the 12 day diet.

On 1st day of 12 days diet journey, get up early in the
morning and go for walk. After that, take a cup of tea with
only 2 toasts. Eat salad for lunch and in the evening, take
a cup of tea with only 3 biscuits. At night, have supper of
any Chinese dish which you like to eat. Do not lie down just
after eating your supper but walk for at least 20 minutes
before going to bed. Please continue this routine for next
3 days of 12 days diet journey.

On 4th day of diet the 12 day diet journey, get up early in
the morning and do suitable aerobic exercise at least for 30
minutes. After exercise, eat breakfast consisting of 1 cup
of tea and 3 toasts. One needs to eat any food which
contains minimal amount of fats and oils in the noon. Drink
a glass of milk in the evening. A single apple would be your
supper on 4th day diet journey. Walk for half hour before
you go to bed.

After 4 days have been completed of 12 days diet journey,
we are sure that you would feel pleasant changes in your
figure now.

On 5th day of 12 days diet journey, do aerobic exercise for
45 minutes. Running is the best aerobic exercise. Take a tea
cup with 3 toasts. At noon, eat a Chinese meal and come up
and down the stairs at least 5 times without a break. It is
one of the good aerobic exercises. You need to eat something
which contains fewer amounts of fats and oils in your supper
and again, run for 20 minutes. It will be end of 5th day of
12 days diet journey. Continue this routine till 10th day of
12 days diet journey.

Your journey is almost over; on the 11th and 12th day of
the 12 day diet routine do at least 45 minutes of aerobics
and have three slices of toast with one cup of tea. At
lunch have a salad and in the afternoon play a game of quash
for at least a half hour. For your supper eat a low fat,
healthy meal and talk a long walk before going to bed.

12 days diet Journey ends with this leaving pleasant
changes in your body.

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