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Signs of an Anxiety Attack - How They Enter Our Life

Signs of an anxiety attack can pop up unexpectedly almost anywhere.
This can happen sometimes with no warning, although subtle signs may exist.
Many of us might have been, or still are suffering from these attacks for months or years.
It is not an isolated case for a small handful of people, as millions each and every year suffer from this.
How did things get to this point? The best place to start is at the beginning.
There are two potential starting areas for this.
One is the possibility of it running in the family.
This can make us more sensitive in regards to our anxiety tolerance before symptoms of an attack comes about.
The other can be associated with major events, high responsibilities, high pressure situations constantly, traumatic accidents, relationships, and many others.
While the list can go on indefinitely, multiple of the things in the short list above or others not listed could be a cause of high anxiety.
These events enter into our life one at a time and the effects are often dismissed.
This usually builds up over time, and the symptoms start showing up gradually.
We may notice fatigue happening more often as time goes by.
The heart rate might go faster for brief periods of time.
We find that worry and tension can befall us more constantly.
It builds up to the point we just cannot take it anymore, consciously or not.
An attack then happens, and it leaves a very deep imprint as a strong negative experience.
There are cases where this may not happen gradually, but rapidly due to almost instant major changes or shifts in our life.
The process is usually gradual however, and if it is identified early and anxiety is dealt with, we can potentially avoid future issues with it.
It tends to enter our lives slowly in a sneaky and unnoticed fashion.
Once an attack happens, it starts a cycle that feeds itself additional stress and anxiety.
It can eventually turn into a disorder, where many of us may be today.

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