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Home Automation Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

If you were a small child growing up in the 70's I am sure you remember watching the "Jetson's" on TV and thinking how cool it was to see Judy Jetson talk to her husband, George on a TV monitor while both of them were in different rooms of their space-aged home.
Well hang on to your seat because the "Jetson's" way of life is no longer just a figment of someone's creative imagination.
That once "spaced-aged" technology is here and is quickly gaining popularity all over the world.
Let's face it, most of us live a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle where time is a precious commodity and anything that can save us time we welcome with open arms.
Home Automation is designed to do exactly that.
It gives you the ability to integrate and activate household electronic components such as interior and exterior lighting, a security system, whole house audio and video, irrigation systems, thermostats, appliances, and CCTV (just to name a few) all from a touch of a button.
Imagine waking up in the morning and from the moment your alarm goes off, lights automatically come on, the shades automatically adjust to the position of the sun outside, the coffeepot begins brewing downstairs, and your favorite jazz CD starts to play softly in your bathroom.
All of this before your feet even touch the floor.
Now you are ready to leave for work, you simply push a button that has been pre-programmed as "away" and your security system arms itself, the lights and audio system turn off, the thermostat adjusts to "energy-saving" mode and your irrigation system is set to water the lawn at 4pm.
Welcome to the world of home automation.
For added peace of mind, most home automation systems will allow you to access, change, and monitor your system from your telephone and the Web.
Through special programming, you can elect to receive alerts from your telephone or through email informing you if the alarm has gone off, or the irrigation system failed to turn on, or when your children have arrived home from school.
So if you have never considered home automation options for your home before, maybe now is the time.
From a security stand point and in a world where crime, burglary, and home invasions exists and will continue to exist, to have a home look "lived in" even when you are not at home, is priceless to say the least if it means protecting your number one asset - your home and your family - from such acts of violence.
With gas prices at an all time high with little to no relief in sight, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their bills to compensate for the pain they feel at the pump.
Home automation systems with motorized shading solutions that adjust automatically based upon the position of the sun outside can help to conserve energy and as a result, helps reduce the amount of time your air conditioner turns on and stays on.
This feature alone can translate into significant savings on your utility bills.
As our insatiable appetite for the latest, sleekest, and greatest technologies continues to grow, so too does the demand for people who install and maintain them.
With so many system and/or product options to consider when selecting a home automation system, a certified electronic systems contractor (ESC) or more commonly, an electronic systems integrator, can make the time-consuming process of product selection and system evaluation a whole lot easier for you.
So where exactly do you find an "ESC" in your area?The best place to start would be to consult CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association).
Founded in 1989, this international trade association is made up of more than 3,500 members worldwide that specialize in the design and installation of integrated electronic systems for the home.
CEDIA members are established businesses, possess credible qualifications, proven experience, and are insured.
Aside from the countless conveniences and time-saving benefits that come from a professionally installed home automation system, it's also an investment in your home and can substantially increase the value of your home as a result.

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