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Sarah dresses up for her cute week

Sarah is a high school pupil. She loves fashion, and she wants to become a fashion designer in the future. In her opinion, clothes not only help people more good – looking but also make people fell more confident in every action. She often chooses clothes for her and her younger sister. She does not mind wasting time to prepare clothes suitable to each situation. Sarah would like to become a fashion designer. She often reads fashion newspaper and plays dress up games for girls to find out her own style.  Lets see how Sarah dresses up for her cute week.

Monday is the first day of week. Her school has a short meeting between students and teachers. So she puts on a white shirt with a blue jeans and a black pair of shoes. She wears a bit long and simple necklace along with the white shirt and bring a white bag with her. About hair, she makes a simple hair style with straight hair suitable to the clothes of jeans and shirt.

On Tuesday, Sarah has a sport lesson in the morning. She chooses the comfortable clothes. She wears a short loose trousers with a pink T-shirt. To make her look more active, she wears a black belt on the T-shirt. Additional, she put on a blue sport pair of shoes. It is not only comfortable for her sport lesson but also suitable to her clothes. She brings with her a big pinkish bag and wears a pinkish earring and a pinkish simple necklace. She ties up her hair on top to keep suitable with her active style that day.

On Wednesday, after finishing her lesson at school in the morning, Sarah will go to her dance sport club to practice her dance with her partner for next week sport event. A red miniskirt along with a tights,  an off-the-shoulder dress added a splended necklace and a sandal combine with a frizzy hair makes her graceful with her dance steps.

On Thursday, Sarah has an appointment with her old friends in the lunch time at her school canteen. She would like to have a pleasant atmosphere to chat with her old friends. She wears a short jeans with a yellow ponchos and a simple pair of shoes. A yellowish big bag is chosen to bring with her for this day style.

Friday is the last day of week at school. Her class will hold a small party. Sarah will wear a skirt with a simple T-shirt added a long necklace. She braid her hair in two long pigtails.

On Saturday, Sarah does not go to school, she will comes back her hometown to visit her grandparents with her family. She prepares for her clothes of a long jeans, a black boots, and a long shirt with belt. She will bring along a hip pocket and a broad- brimmed hat in case it is hot.

On Sunday Sarah often takes her younger sister out for park or cinema. She wears a simple caro dress with high-heeled shoes combine with a colorful bag and a blue necklace. Sunday style will be freely and suitable to the situation of a day off.

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