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Raising a Siberian Kitten

    • 1). Bring the Siberian to a veterinarian for a checkup and ask the breeder for its veterinary record of vaccinations and prior examinations. Have the kitten checked for diseases or external and internal parasites. A reputable breeder should not sell you a kitten that did not have a previous veterinary exam or one that suffers from mites, fleas or lice.

    • 2). Prepare a room or a space for the Siberian kitten in your home. Furnish the room with food and water dishes, along with a litter box. Avoid using clumping clay litter for a kitten under 3 months old, as it may ingest the litter and develop an intestinal blockage, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Place a cat bed in the room for the kitten to snuggle and sleep on. Choose a larger bed the kitten can grow with, as Siberians can grow to be up to 20 lbs.

    • 3). Feed the kitten a canned kitten food three times a day and allow it to nibble dry kitten food between meals. Pick up the canned food after 15 to 20 minutes and refrigerate any leftover portions. Growing kittens require more calories than fully grown cats, and the Siberian may eat more than other breeds because of its larger size.

    • 4). Place the kitten into the litter box a few times when you bring it home to get it familiar with the location of the box. Scoop the litter box daily and completely change out the litter weekly. Clean accidents quickly with an enzymatic cleaner to prevent the kitten from going back to the spot again to eliminate.

    • 5). Play with the kitten each day using toys on wands or strings to engage its attention and give it the exercise it needs. The agile Siberian loves to jump, so provide a cat tree to climb and jump on. Give the kitten a scratching post to stretch and groom its claws on as well.

    • 6). Brush your Siberian kitten each day with a slicker brush, for a few minutes at a time. Siberians oats require brushing to prevent mats from developing in the fur and control shedding. Treat the kitten with a favorite food after the brushing sessions to reward it for good behavior.

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