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Instructions for Water Skis

    • 1). Put on your lifejacket and put your feet into the water skis. Secure the straps on the skis to fit as snugly around your feet as they can go. You can put the skis on in the water but if you're new to skiing it might be easier to put them on while sitting on a dock.

    • 2). Float in the water, holding the handle of the rope in firmly in both hands. Relax and allow your lifejacket to keep you afloat.

    • 3). Bend your legs so that the skis are sticking straight out of the water. Allow the rope to become taught and signal to the spotter than you are ready to go.

    • 4). Keep your knees bent and your skis straight up until the water pressure is enough for you to stand. Keep a tight hold on the rope, allowing it to feed between your skis.

    • 5). Stand up. Your spotter will inform the driver to increase the speed so that you are able to stay standing.

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